Q – My partner and I split up last year and he moved out. As the mortgage is in my name, I stayed in the family home but I’m really struggling. I’m in arrears on the mortgage and have had to borrow to pay my energy bills. How can I fix my situation? Jessica – Cork

A – Going through a separation or divorce Jessica is I am sure an extremely stressful time for those involved. As you have found out, it can also have huge implications for your personal finances. Tackling your finances as soon as possible can help you take a positive step towards getting your life back on track. I would advise you to contact a Personal Insolvency Practitioner who would have the relevant expertise to help you reach a permanent solution for your debt problems. They are regulated by the Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI), the government body set up to help people deal with their debt problems and will advise you of all the options and solutions available to get you back on track financially. It also sounds like you could be eligible for a free PIP consultation under Abhaile, the State-funded scheme set up to help people with mortgage arrears to access advice.  A list of PIPs participating in the scheme is available on In over 98% of Personal Insolvency Arrangement cases, the ISI’s solution that deals with mortgage debt, debtors have been able to stay in their homes so it is important to remember that there are solutions for everyone – no matter the situation or relationship status.  Best of luck.


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