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Wednesday 19th July 2018

John Lowe Managing Director and founder of Money Doctors, the trading name of Providence Finance Services Limited, an authorised, independent and experienced financial advisory service company regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, is delighted to announce the relaunch of the Money Doctor APP to help consumers better manage their money. This FREE APP, available on all smartphones via your respective app store will record all your money transactions over any chosen period ( generally 4/5 weeks or a calendar month ), returning an instant report via email for that period showing

  • The top 5 spending items,
  • The total amount spent for that period and
  • Details of all transactions ( 12 categories ) plus exactly where geographically they were spent ( courtesy of Google maps )


This is a very useful aid for self-analysis of your spending habits, habits that you may want to break. If nothing else, it will make you aware of where your money is going.

“How many times have we taken cash from an ATM machine and a week later wondered where the money went ?” said John Lowe, the Money Doctors who produced and designed this financial technological aid. “We really have to watch our spending and ensure best value at all times. Tracking our spending can only help us in the battle to keep our expenditure below our income. My thanks to Ciaran Stone, John Haughney and Aadil Keshwani of who managed and completed the project with the utmost of efficiency and professionalism.”

“This is a really simple APP – just record every time you spend money and where you spent it into categories on the menu and as soon as you click the Request Report button, instantly you will receive a spending report for that period for you or your professional adviser to analyse and perhaps change some of those spending habits !”

To access this useful financial support, simply click on either button above– it’s free and very user-friendly. 



Providence Finance Services Limited trading as Money Doctors is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

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