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Tesco Ireland will be making life that little bit easier for mums and dads across Ireland with the launch of its new Clubcard partnership with Schoolbooks.ie. The back to school offer, which goes live on 25th July, will give shoppers the option to double their Tesco Clubcard vouchers through Clubcard Boost, meaning that for every €2.50, €5, €7.50 or more received in vouchers, shoppers can get €5, €10, €15 and much more off their purchases at Schoolbooks.ie.

To further help parents with back to school expenses, Schoolbooks.ie is offering customers the option of choosing a further 12.5% discount on their total order or free covers for their school books. Shoppers simply select their preferred option when checking out online.

A recent survey by Tesco Ireland of over 1,000 parents revealed that one in 5 parents felt that buying school books was one the most stressful parts of back to school time. In addition, almost a quarter of those surveyed wished they had saved more in advance of their bulk book buying. The Tesco and Schoolbooks.ie offer aims to help parents with these costs during one of the most stressful time of the year.

Patrick O’Connor, Tesco Clubcard Boost Manager said: “We have been busy gathering advice from parents right across Ireland to ensure we have the best possible offer for Back to School this year. Our research has shown us that 1 in every 7 parents say the area they most value advice on is around Back to School money saving, so we hope parents will find real value in our offer with Schoolbooks.ie.”

John Cunningham of Schoolbooks.ie said: “We are delighted to partner with Tesco Ireland to deliver the best possible value to parents. Taking the stress out of parents’ lives through the quality and ease of use of our service is core to Schoolbooks.ie. This partnership with Tesco is the most significant cost saving measure available to help ease the burden of the cost of school books.”


CUSTOMER EXAMPLE: The following is an example based on the average 1st year (Secondary) and 3rd Class (Primary) order from Schoolbooks.ie and a hypothetical Clubcard value (not average) to demonstrate potential savings for parents with this offer.

  • 1st Year Student
  • €240 – average 1st year order
  • €30 – 12.5% Schoolbooks.ie discount
  • €20 – example Clubcard Boost discount (should a customer have €10 in Clubcard Boost vouchers)
  • €190 – total after discount
  • 20.8% saving


  • 3rd Class Student
  • €70 – average 3rd class order
  • €8.75 – 12.5% Schoolbooks.ie discount
  • €10 – Example Clubcard Boost discount (should a customer have €5 in Clubcard Boost vouchers)
  • €51.25 – total after discount
  • 26.8% saving

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