Election promises

It’s positively becoming more positive as election day in Ireland draws near :

  • Universal Social Charge (USC) is going to be reduced, revamped, or maybe even scrapped.
  • Tax rates are going to be reduced, extended, eliminated, or changed to a flat rate of 23% across the board.
  • Water charges are going to be totally dropped, retained for a period or drastically altered.
  • Local Property Tax will disappear.
  • Free medical care will be extended to all. Prescription charges will be dropped. All medical services will be available on demand.
  • Education at all levels will be free for everyone.
  • Childcare costs will be reduced.
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave will be increased.
  • State Pensions, Child Benefit, Unemployment Benefits and Carers Allowance will all be increased.
  • Unemployment will be virtually eliminated, or at least everyone who wants a job will be able to get one.
  • Mortgage rates will be statutorily reduced. Rents will be controlled. Social housing will be available to all who need it. No more homelessness.
  • The minimum wage will be increased again, zero hour contracts will be banned and a living wage will be introduced
  • The Shannon will finally be drained and flooding will be just a memory.
  • Long lazy Summer days of 12 hours glorious sunshine, as we remember them from our childhood, will again be the norm.

We are wryly amused by this vision of an idyllic life, once characterised as “ A chicken in every pot, and a pot under every bed”.

Wonder if these could positively be election promises ?

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