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You are single, legally separated or divorced with adult children. If you die intestate ( no will ) your assets will go eventually to your family.. your adult children..This template is therefore to ease the burden for those administering your estate and ensure your wishes are carried out per your instructions and is essentially simple :

  • As this is a word document, you can complete the will on your own laptop or PC, or print this document off and complete in your own hand-writing.
  • Nominate an executor/s or executrix/ces - ensure you have their full name, address, PPS # and eircode. They will manage the whole process including the Grant of Probate – a very simple task ( see Money Doctors 2021 chapter ”Coping with bereavement” PDF with this package explaining the process of Probate )
  • You will need two witnesses to witness your signature on the will ( they do not have to see the content ) and again ensure you have their full names, addresses, PPS #s and eircodes. These witnesses CANNOT benefit from your will.
  • You might like to nominate charities or certain individuals whom you would like to give special bequests…you can add as many as you like…
  • You sign and date the will ensuring your witnesses witness your signature.


Keep this will in a safe place ( fire-proof filing cabinet or safe ) and let the executor/trix know its location. Should anything happen to your executor/trix ( predecease you for instance ) you will need to find a new person/s for that responsibility and it will need to be recorded.. Keep all these documents together ( 4 word documents and 5 PDFs as they are all related )


  • Two other word documents included with this package are
    • List of Assets & Personal Information word document template
    • Enduring Power of Attorney word document template

How to download your Will package …

After purchasing the Will package, when the payment process is finished, you are redirected to the confirmation page with all your order details, together with 9 download links. Simply click on every link and download will start automatically. After a few seconds, when the download finishes, you’ll see your files at the bottom of your Chrome window. They also can be found in your default “Downloads” folder on your PC or laptop.

If you didn’t download your files from the confirmation page of our website, please do not worry. A confirmation email with all download links has been sent to your inbox. Simply click on the links and they will be downloaded automatically to your PC Download folder.


Watch this explanatory video how to download your package:

From this folder you can either input your details directly into the 3 word documents (specific Will template, List of Assets & Personal Information template and the Enduring Power of Attorney template ) or print off and input in your own handwriting, taking heed of all the top 10 tips in the Press Release…. The other 5 documents are all PDF files and are supporting information.

These Will templates were created because…

• 70% of our nation do not have a Will
• Dying intestate ( no will ) is a disaster for those left behind…Letters of Administration have to be obtained from the High Court.. costs, delays…legal representation required…hassle.
• 99% of those 70% are ordinary people with normal relationships and modest “estates” ( what they possess / own.. average net worth of an Irish citizen is c.€ 177,000 – source CBI …once you have assets over € 25,000 you should make a Will ) but half afraid of the mumbo jumbo, misconceptions, legal jargon and costs associated with Wills…
• Probate is a word misunderstood by most…the entire legal administration of a dead person’s possessions or ‘estate’… but it is a simple process for 99% of those 70%… fill in a form, make an appointment with the Personal Representative in the Probate Office ( there are a number of them ) and hey presto, the Grant of Probate is issued and your representative as executor/executrix can distribute the assets according to the wishes in the Will.
• This low-cost package – the specific Will template, List of Assets & personal Information and Enduring Power of Attorney templates are all word documents that you complete on your own laptop/PC or print off and hand-write plus 5 PDF files – has a nominal administrative charge of only € 50 + VAT…
• Adhere to the 10 tips in the press release before you complete your Will – then put it up safely and let your executor/executrix know where it is stored…they will need the original Will to obtain the Grant of Probate.


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