Government 2016

It would appear that the following initiatives have been agreed between Fine Gael and Fianna Fail to confirm Fianna Fail’s facilitating a new Government…

  • Rent supplement is to be increased by 15% depending on a person’s location, and Fine Gael will extend the roll-out of the Housing Assistance Payment
  • Water charges are set to be suspended in six weeks under the deal
  • Reductions in   USC for lower and middle income earners
  • Improving supports and services for older people, including possible pension increases
  • Publishing all agreements with independent TDs or other parties “in full”
  • A 2:1 split between investment and public spending and tax reductions
  • Speeding up social housing building, removing barriers to private housing, and extending mortgage interest relief.
  • Planning to create a five-year health service plan
  • Employing 15,000 Gardaí and instigating a review of Garda stations.

Stand by for details of the concessions to the various independent groupings….as they say, there is no such thing a s a free lunch.


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