Financial advice

Together with Standard Life Insurance company, the two broker associations ( Irish Brokers Association IBA and the Professional Insurance Brokers Association PIBA – both of which Money Doctor is a member ) released an interesting survey on using financial advisers for precisely what they do – giving advice.

Managing your finances is complicated and getting independent professional financial advice has never been more important. Advice from a professional can provide reassurance about your financial situation and show the real value of advice.

Value means different things to different people. In the context of your finances it can be the return on your investment, it can mean future security, peace of mind, protection, it can mean achieving your goals or simply avoiding mistakes and availing of the opportunities in front of you.

The survey showed that those who have used a financial adviser:

  • have nearly 3 times the savings and investments than those who don’t
  • are more than twice as likely to have a pension
  • are more financially protected as a result of holding more financial products
  • feel more financially confident and also feel more confident about their financial future

The survey also showed how much better off those who get advice are than those that don’t. Getting practical support from a financial adviser can make a real difference to your financial wellbeing and can result in better outcomes for you overall.

You have been advised.

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